The first edition of Premio Laudemio, occurred in 2017, is born to promote the extra virgin olive oil Laudemio in the kitchen of important chefs who work in Italy and can be described as the best ambassadors of the agri-food culture quality.
Laudemio oil is great on a slice of bread or with a simple plate of vegetables, but it is also a precious ingredient that can enrich a haute cuisine recipe.
The Consorzio established the award to make people know about the extra virgin olive oil Laudemio and to spread the culture of informed consumption based on quality and not on quantity.
The contest took place in eight different restaurants with eight dinners open to the public. Here the chefs had the possibility to use the Laudemio oil in a menu composed by four dishes: a starter, a first course, a main course and a dessert (out of competition).
During each stage the jury, composed of Diana Frescobaldi,  president of Consorzio Laudemio, and Fausto Arrighi, former director of Guida Michelin and food critic, assigned a score to the chefs in order to define the winners.

Premio Laudemio has been presented to the press on 1st December 2016 at the Felix Lo Basso Restaurant in Milan but its journey in the italian cuisine started from Rome, on 25th January 2017 with the first dinner at the Aroma restaurant managed by chef Giuseppe Iorio.
On 15th February 2017 the second dinner took place in Bologna at chef Agostino Iacobucci’s I Portici restaurant, then the contest moved to Tuscany at the Florence Ora d’Aria restaurant owned by chef Marco Stabile.
Then our oil landed in Piedmont on 14th March 2017 at Magorabin restaurant of chef Marcello Trentini; on 3rd May the first of the two Milan stages occured at Sushi B restaurant with the international creations of the japanese chef Nobuya Niimori.
On the 11th May 2017 the Laudemio oil arrived on the tables of Il Comandante restaurant of Romeo Hotel in Naples guided by chef Salvatore Bianco; then on 25th May occurred the second of the two Milan stages at chef Andrea Aprea’s Vun restaurant at Park Hyatt Hotel.

The Laudemio tour ended on 7th June in Venice with a soiree organized at Antinoo’s Lounge & Restaurant  of Centurion Palace Hotel managed by chef Massimo Livan.
After the eight stages the jury voted for the three finalist dishes which received the highest score for the starter, first course and main course categories.
The finalists, chef Salvatore Bianco of Il Comandante restaurant in Naples, chef Giuseppe di Iorio of Aroma restaurant in Rome and chef Marco Stabile of Ora d’Aria restaurant in Florence, prepared their creations at the gala dinner held at the Excelsior Gallia Hotel in Milan on 28th November 2017 attended by many journalists and influencers.
The Laudemio oil, protagonist of the soiree, has been used for six dishes (two for each chef) and served blindly to the fifty judges.
“Amaro al cubo”, the finalist starter made by chef Marco Stabile, opened the dinner followed by “Baccalà in olio cottura su crema di ceci neri della Murgia Carsica e lamelle di bottarga di muggine” by chef Giuseppe di Iorio.

The first courses “Raviolini ripieni di Laudemio in brodo di cappone profumati al tartufo nero pregiato” by chef Di Iorio and “Riso, Laudemio e olive” by Chef Salvatore Bianco were followed by the main courses “Assolo d’agnello” cooked by chef Bianco and “Faraona pochè nel Laudemio, crema e chips di topinambur, alga gigartina e ice-lime” made by chef Marco Stabile.
The choice has been difficult because of the high level of the chefs, but the jury voted for chef Salvatore Bianco who won a trip to Istria, a region where one of the best extra virgin olive oil is made.
The second and third steps of the podium were occupied by chef Marco Stabile and chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, awarded by Diana Frescobaldi and Fausto Arrighi together with Fede & Tinto, hosts of “Decanter”, a famous Radio 2 programme dedicated to food and wine.