Azienda Agricola Casa di Monte



Angelo Oreste Simoncini, born at Montespertoli (Florence) in 1872, started his farming activity at the end of the 19th Century on a small plot of land, partly his own and partly on lease, where he grew a special kind of straw, which was used for making hats; later on , with the help of about 60 seasonal workers, he opened a factory for the production of straw plaits with which the world-renowned “Florence straw hats” were made.
On July 5, 1912, Simoncini bought a few buildings in Montespertoli, in a place called “Casa di Monte”.
The main building is a sighting tower, dating back to the year 1000, enlarged between 1300 and 1700, and changed into a cluster of dwelling houses. It is surrounded by approximately 10 hectars of land, which up to this day are the centre of the business he founded.
Between 1997 and 2005 the property is significantly expanding and reaches the surface of it. 44.00.00, which is precisely the current one, with a strong vocation in olive typical of Chianti wine.
The farming enterprise “Casa di Monte” was established in the year 2000, its trademark characterizing both the products and the farm holidays activity.

The ‘olive groves of the’ farm Casa di Monte is located partly in the territory of Chianti Montespertoli and partly in the territory of the Chianti Classico S. Casciano in Val di Pesa.
Plant productivity is low, between 1.5 and 2 liters per plant, this ‘s altitude of olive groves and the nature of the ground, but the’ oil that is obtained is of superb quality and aroma.

The ‘excellence’ s oil product is represented by Laudemio, a selection obtained from olives produced in ‘olive grove in “The Capitozze”, in San Casciano in Val di Pesa.

Direct selling:
LUN – SAB 8,30 – 12,30 | 14,00 – 19,00
DOM  9,00 – 12,00 | 14,30 – 18,30


Via del Monte, 6 Montespertoli (Firenze)
Telephone +39 0571 609903
Fax +39 0571 608161
Varieties of olive trees and average of each one:
Oil Mill 85% Moraiolo and Leccino 15% Olive Surfaces 5 Ha.
Total annual production 25 Ql.
Laudemio Production 10 Ql.


Holidays in Farm
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Reach us
On the A1 motorway, the exit at “Firenze-Scandicci”. Then follow the indications to take the Superstrada SGC-Florence-Pisa-Livorno (also known as “FI-PI-LI”) and exit at “Ginestra Fiorentina”, then turn right and follow the indications to “Montespertoli” on SP80. Continue on this road for about 7 km and, once they arrive in the village of Baccaiano, turn right into “Via Volterra (SP4)” Till a few kilometers later you reach to MONTESPERTOLI. So through the town staying on the same road just outside the village and follow the signs you will see on your left to Lungagnana-CERTALDO. After about 3 km you will see on the left the VIA DEL MONTE.
We are at number  6, welcome!

Google MAP coordinates:
(43.63053078936842, 11.043094396591187)

Le coordinate GPS:
Latitude N 43 37.832
Longitude E 11 02.586