Azienda Agricola I Mori




Via Maremmana n. 22 Ginestra Fiorentina (FI)
Italia 50020
Telephone +39 055/8784452
Fax +39 055/8784651
Variety of olive-trees: Frantoio 65%, Moraiolo 25%, Leccino 10%.
Olive-groves’ area: 14,40 Hectares
Total yearly production: 28 quintals
Laudemio yearly production: 15 quintals

In the early 70’s when peasants left the countryside for the town, the Giannelli family, instead, decided to redevelop its small farm I MORI which has gradually grown since then.
Today the firm included various farms and has extended its territory to 180 hectares of which 62 are vineyards and 15 olive groves. It is situated on the hills surrounding Florence in the Chianti area and its main crop is, naturally, the vines. This particular area, surrounding the old castle of Malmantile, has always been famous for its wonderful olive oil.
Year after year all the vineyards are being renewed with an accurate selection of the new vines. The new cellar for the wine-making, aging and bottling has been built in the year 2001 and is located along the “Strada del Vino Chianti Colli Fiorentini”. This cellar is equipped to offer wine-tastings to the visitors.
Today Canneta has 30 hectares of woods where oak-trees, ilexes (simbol of Montalcino), jiunipers and arbutus berries grow freely as a frame around the 7.75 hectares of vines.
In the yars 2002 the building of a new cellar for the wine-making, bottling and tasting has been completed.