Fattoria di Grignano




Via di Grignano n.22 Pontassieve (FI)
Italia 50065
Telephone +39 055/8398490
Fax +39 055/8395940

Type: Extra virgin olive oil
Olive: grove extension 100 hectares
Plant age: from 10 to 50 years
Varieties: Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo
Pressing: Cold pressing at the estate oil mill
Training method: In pots
Conservation: in 500-kg terracotta jars at 18-20°C
Yield: 12 – 15%
Harvest period: From 1 to 20 November
Olive harvest: By hand
Average production: 15 kg per plant

In the fifteenth century, the Marquises Gondi built the villa of Grignano in the middle of a vast estate that stretched from the Sieve river into the hills above the town of Pontassieve.
In the eighteenth century, the complex was extensively restructured, and it acquired the solemn, stately character we can admire today.
The history of the Gondi family in Grignano came to an end in 1972, when the villa and the entire estate were purchased by the Inghirami, a Tuscan family from Sansepolcro.
Today, the farm covers nearly 600 hectares, with sown fields, orchards and woods, but its main activity focuses on the estate vineyards and olive groves.
Substantial investments have been made to valorise and update the old vineyards, while the rooms in the lovely cellars of the historic villa have been restored to their original splendour, with new areas for producing and aging wine.
Chianti Rufina Annata, Chianti Rufina Riserva, Chianti Rufina Gran Riserva “Poggio Gualtieri” and Vinsanto are the pride of the estate, alongside its olive oil, which is cold-pressed at the mill on the premises and is known for its excellent sensory qualities.