The La Palagina Farm , owned by  Cardini e Vannucchi families, over the years has grown up respecting the farming culture. Surrounded by the tuscan hills, the farm extends for more than 100 hectares on the hills, which from the town Figline ValdarnoImmersa rise up to the Chianti area.  The farm is built on solid values, such as the importance of the family and the protection and valorization of the territory. We get from the nature all the best things it offers us and we are always amazed by its unlimited beauty.

The farm offers different projects thought to be an efficient instrument to put people – especially children- in contact with the world of the country. In the farm we cultivate vines and olive trees which give us high-quality products. In our activities more than 10 youths take part and with them we have developped a project of social agriculture. They also deal with both the vegetable garden, from which we obtain most of the vegetables used in some of our restaurants, and the vineyard and the olive grove for the production of wine and olive oil.

The major part of the olive groves of the company were planted after the frost in 1985. The harvest of olives is carried out when the fruit is not ripe yet. In that way we are conscious of the fact that we will obtain a lowered quantity of product, but we are much more interested in the quality of the olive oil and that is the right system to improve the quality itself. That provides the Farm a relevant position in the production of olive oil all over the Valdarno area. We do the olive crushing in an olive-press which guarantees an high level of hygiene and quality of the product. The olive oil receives the certification only after the careful tasting of a specific commission.

The Laudemio La Palagina can be immediately recognized by, both its bright green colour, and  by its scent of herbs and artichoke. It has a very strong and quite spicy taste.


St. Greviagiana 4, Figline e Incisa Valdarno
Tel. 3401011238
Official site:


Olive grove’s  surface: 9 ettari;

Kinds of olive goves: 80% Frantoio, 15% Moraiolo, Leccino e  5% altro;

How we plant them: per 90% Vaso.