Marchesi Antinori



Piazza Antinori n. 3 Firenze (FI)
Italia 50123
Telephone +39 055/23595
Fax +39 055/2359877
Area planted with olive 61 hectares
Varietal composition of the olive groves: Frantoio 60%, Moraiolo 30%, Leccino 10%.
Mean annual oil production 80 ql.
Mean annual Laudemio production 40 ql.

In 1895 Lodovico and Piero, the sons of Vincenzo Antinori who had been decorated at Curatone and Monanara and was a deputy at the first Italian parliament, set up a business to sell the wines from their four farms. The family had sold wine ever since 1385 when Giovanni di Piero was enrolled as a novice vintner in the Vintners’ Guild. Since then the Antinori have dedicated themselves to wine production up to our own time. They have contributed to the recent «Renaissance» of Italian wine, proving that it is possible to produce in certain of the very best areas wines of an elegance and complexity that attract the attention of connoisseurs from alI over the world, who before this «Renaissance» had scant regard far the wines of Italy. Alongside wine, the Tuscan farms have always made olive oil. The quality of this production has grown considerably since the last war as a result of improved metods and increased demand, but it has not always been appreciated as much as it deserves. Recent attempts to protect the consumer, and requests from the growers themselves to bave their best oils classified, have led to the creation of co-operatives like Laudernio.